1895 Cleveland No. 18 – Lozier Mfg. Co.

This 1895 Cleveland, model no. 18, built by the Lozier Mfg. Co. of Toledo, Ohio is a true survivor! The orange paint on this bike carries an awesome patina that you just can’t fake. I don’t believe it is factory original paint, but it certainly is very old and really “makes” the bike!

The unique construction of the frame, especially at the bottom bracket is something that defies logic. Why would they make it like this? Experimentation in design and construction was the game of the day, and this bike features it prominently! The fork construction as well, is very unique. Notice the interchangeable front sprocket and racing style handlebars. This bicycle is very lightweight! This was a high-precision, expensive machine in it’s day, costing $100. That’s almost $3,000 in today’s money!

Cleveland No. 18 Lozier-1

Cleveland No. 18 Lozier-3

Cleveland No. 18 Lozier-5

Cleveland No. 18 Lozier-4

Cleveland No. 18 Lozier-2

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