Q: What types of old bicycles can you help me with?
A: Our experience covers American made bicycles made from the 1890’s up through the 1960’s. Balloon tire, middleweight and early wood-wheel bikes are our specialty.
Q: Are any of these vintage bicycles for sale, and if so, for how much?
A: The vast majority of the bicycles you see posted here are for reference only. They have been posted by visitors like you, who want to showcase their favorite collectible bicycles. Unless stated otherwise, they are not for sale.
Q: I have a bicycle made outside the USA, can you help me?
A: Foreign made bicycles are outside the scope of interest for this website. Our knowledge of such is very limited, so we recommend that you seek advice elsewhere when it comes to bicycles produced outside the USA.
Q: Can you help me with my 10-speed or other lightweight bike?
A: Lightweight bicycles are outside our area of expertise. These collectible bicycles fall into a whole different category of interest. Our knowledge of them is very limited.
Q: What is my old bicycle worth?
A: The value of a vintage bicycle depends on several factors. Desirability, completeness and condition are the most obvious factors, but other things can also increase the value of a bike. In some cases, a bike may be nearly worthless but it may have a single part or accessory installed that is worth hundreds of dollars alone. In order to help you with the value of your bike, we must see pictures… otherwise it’s just guesswork.
Q: Should I restore my bike or leave it original?
A: Most advanced bicycle collectors prefer original bikes over restored ones. Bicycles are much like other antiques. They are only original once! If a bike retains much of its original paint and plating, it is generally best to leave it alone. In many cases, a bikes value can be dramatically reduced if it is repainted or changed in some way. A rare and sought after bike with even only 75% of its original paint can be worth more than one just like it that has been fully restored. Why spend a few thousand dollars to restore a nice original bike, only to have its value decrease? Please refer to the article Should I Restore My Vintage Bicycle?
Q: I’ve decided to re-paint my bike, what kind of paint should I use?
A: Professional bicycle restorers use automotive grade paint. Typically a basecoat and clear coat system, or single stage paint such as enamel or urethane. However these require the use of professional spraying equipment that can cost many hundreds of dollars. A good solution for a do-it-yourself job is a high quality spray paint such as Krylon. If you follow proper prepping procedures and primers as suggested by the manufacture, you can get a reasonably decent looking paint job. You can even get professional grade paint put into spray cans at your local automotive paint supplier, if you insist on having a perfect color match to original.
Q: I need some hard to find vintage parts for my project bike, were can I find them?
A: Ask us via email, we may have what you need or know where to get it. You should also try our special eBay search links page that features a selection of search links to help you find what you need.
Q: Where can I find decals, tires, and other small parts for my restoration project?
A: Try the forums over at The Classic and Antique Bicycle Exchange, there are lots people there selling bicycles and parts.
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