1946 Schwinn BA-107 Autocycle

Presented for your enjoyment, is this “A” serial number early post-war production Henderson badged Balloon tire deluxe Schwinn bicycle. This was a version of the Autocycle model, typically the top end bikes by Schwinn and those with the most deluxe features.  This one’s got just about all of them.  You are bidding on a completely restored top to bottom BA107 or “fat bar” as they are known due to the hold over from Prewar Frame design of a wider diameter than later Panthers, Hornets etc “straight bar”.   This bicycle has been 100% restored and the colors are correct Cobalt Blue and the Robins Egg blue with red stripes.  As could have been the case in the 1940’s and early 50’s a CHROME springer option is featured here and it has the Locking unit with matching number Key with the “Automatic” lock option on the fork.  Drop center wheels, original Torrington Double Butted spokes with long nipples (nickel plated), Schwinn Expander front brake with beautiful Pork Chop with Arnold, Schwinn & Co logo.  Mesinger seat is the 48 and up style saddle in Brown which I thought looked very nice with the blue.  Also on board is the “AS” seat clamp that is ‘debossed’ or outward stamped, pretty unusual early postwar feature. The fasteners are the early Fillister head screws as opposed to the standard Pan head style Schwinn used later on.    Excellent original Good Year White Wall ALL WEATHER Balloon tires, Deluxe super wide Steerhorn bars and NOS original grips, 6 hole rack with an NOS jewel and the later 2-clamp style bracket.  This is Single Stage paint, not cleared and looks like a factory original finishes of the time period. (not too ‘candy coated’).  I don’t know what more to say about this one other than if you know what you’re looking at, a very early Postwar Deluxe bicycle with Tapered kickstand and prewar styling ushering in the revised parts redesign of postwar, then you know this is a very rare and unique Schwinn.  Much rarer than the Phantoms, Panthers, and Cantiliver B6 version of the Autocycle.

This bike is currently for sale. $3,000 USD.

Restored by Bob Usasi – For bicycle restoration services, contact bobcycles@aol.com

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