1951 Schwinn Phantom

The Phantom is widely regarded as the 57 Chevy of the ballon tire era. It is the most recognized name by the general public when refering to balloon tire bicycles. The design of the Phantom goes back before the war where you see the early cantilever frame Autocycles offered by Schwinn. then after the war the B-607 Autocycle was offered which was essentialy a painted phantom. Although these bikes were very popular they were nver as popular as the Phantom. Once Schwinn added some chrome and the name “Phantom” combined with the baby boom of the 50’s the rest is history. The Phantom pictured here features the springer fork, front drum brake, rear carrier with tail light, chrome S2 rims, horn tank with chrome trim, deluxe chainguard, and chrome fenders with fender light.

1951 Phantom 1.jpg

1951 Phantom 2.jpg

1951 Phantom 5.jpg

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