1939 Hiawatha Arrow

Deluxe Hiawatha Arrow, sold by Gambles department stores. Manufactured by Shelby, this bike is very similar to the Shelby branded Airflo model. The horn tank, which had the headlight built in wraps around the head tube for a streamline look. The carrier and chainguard both had a large heavy look.

1939 HiawathaArrow1.jpg

1939 HiawathaArrow2.jpg

1939 HiawathaArrow3.jpg
Large horn tank extends in front of the head tube. 

1939 HiawathaArrow4.jpg

1939 HiawathaArrow5.jpg

1939 HiawathaArrow6.jpg
Build in headlight. 

1939 HiawathaArrow7.jpg
Accent panel was chromed on the more deluxe models. 

1939 HiawathaArrow8.jpg
Indian head fender ornament reads “Hiawatha” 

1939 HiawathaArrow9.jpg
Lobdel “horizontal spring” saddle. 

1939 HiawathaArrow10.jpg

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