1923 Elgin Motorbike

This 1923 Elgin is just about as original as you can ever expect to find them. Nothing has been restored, only cleaned. Original paint, original Troxel leather saddle, original pedals, grips, etc. It still has the original (although petrified) factory “Justice Auto Bike” whitewall tires on wood rims! The battery canister still has the original “F.A. Smith, Rochester N.Y.” decal intact. Overall an excellent example of the type of bicycle Junior may have had back in the 1920’s. Not bad for an 80 year old bicycle!

1923 elgin/ElginSideshot2.jpg

1923 elgin/ElginSideshot1.jpg

1923 elgin/ElginQuarterView.jpg

1923 elgin/ElginRearQuarter.jpg

1923 elgin/ElginFrontEnd.jpg
Elgin badge with “bottle cap” fastener soldered to the backside

1923 elgin/ElginHandlebars.jpg

1923 elgin/ElginGripAndBell.jpg
Push button wind-up bell and stitched leather “Bulldog” grips

1923 elgin/ElginBatterCan.jpg
F. A. Smith brand battery canister

1923 elgin/ElginPump.jpg
Brass tire pump

1923 elgin/ElginSeat.jpg
Troxel leather saddle

1923 elgin/ElginSprocket.jpg

1923 elgin/ElginReflector.jpg
Glass jewel reflector

1923 elgin/ElginPedal.jpg
“G.E.M.” brand pedals

1923 elgin/ElginFrontHub.jpg
New Departure front hub with New Departure cyclometer

1923 elgin/ElginRearHub.jpg
New Departure model “A” rear hub

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