Feb 2007 Shop Tour Dave’s Vintage Bicycles

Welcome to Dave’s Vintage Bicycles, located in Davenport Washington near Spokane. These are the facilities were vintage and antique American Made bicycles are painted and restored.

Looking South-East. Blast cabinet is visible along with tool box and some other tools. 

The main work area where the welder, buffer, grinder, rivit press, belt sander, band saw and the workbench are housed. 

The messy work table and stairs up to the loft are visible here. The big door goes to the paintbooth which is not finished yet. The door under the stairs goes to the bathroom. 

Car projects. 1959 Chevy El Camino and 1960 Impala Sport Sedan. 

Looking North West we see the big roll up door. 

The loft where some of the small parts inventory is stored. 

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