Category: BMX Bicycles

1977 American Raleigh Grifter

This is a very unusual American Raleigh Grifter. Manufactured in 1977 for the American market. Differences between the USA model and the UK version are: Chainguard and factory fitted mounts. Reflectors, larger than UK version.

1982 Hutch XL24 (double stamp)

This is a 1982 HUTCH XL24. From what i’ve been told be hutch collectors, this is a really rare bird. It was made by PROFILE for HUTCH. It has what they call is a “double stamp...

1977 Masa XR-3 BMX

1977 Masa XR-3, rear suspension, ARAI drum brakes in Ukai Heavy-Duty wheels, Suntour Honor Derailler Back in 1978 I had a MASA XR-1, which was a single speed version of this bike, but did...

1989 Haro Team Master

This bike is a complete custom restoration. Used the best Haro parts from the best years. Everything is correct except the Skyway mags, they are sealed bearing.