Category: Pre-War Balloon Tire Bicycles

1937 Evinrude Streamflow

1937 Evinrude Streamflow

This polished aluminum ’37 Evinrude Streamflow was submitted to the archive by Michael FitzSimons. What a beauty! Very few of these bicycles survive today. Entry submitted by: Dave Stromberger    

1936 Indian

1936 Indian balloon bicycle. This bicycles were made in Germany by A.G.A. under license of Indian Motocycle Co. and where sold in the US for a very short period of time. This is the...

1939 Schwinn Autocycle

Rare Super Deluxe ‘Aluma-Cycle’ with gothic Aluminum fenders, 4 Seiss Lights, Front and rear ‘Fore Wheel’ Drum brakes (39 Only silent freewheel rear)- Deeply Embossed Rare LANZ Bike Shop headbadge—Completed with Alot of help...