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1939 Shelby Super Airflo

This is an immaculate older restoration, formerly in the Steve Castelli collection. It sports new old stock chrome fenders, aluminum carrier and rear fender light, chrome chain guard, stainless steel tank insert, New Departure...

1938 Hiawatha Arrow

This beautifully restored Hiawatha Arrow, manufactured by the Shelby Cycle Co., wears a unique pumpkin orange and cream paint job, pinstriped in black. Looks fantastic! Entry Submitted by John Simpson

1940 Shelby Flyer

Completely restored 1940 Shelby Flyer badged “No Nose.” All chromework by Bob Barnes at Vernes Chrome Plating in SoCal, Lobdell seat restored by Bob Uszjaszi, paint by Aaron Thomas. Entry Submitted by Aaron Thomas

1940 Hiawatha Arrow

1940 Hiawatha Arrow

Shelby built Hiawatha Arrow, sold by Gambles Hardware Stores. Entry Submitted by Bill Triplett Shelby “no-nose” features deluxe tank similar to the larger Airflo tanks, but it does not come past the head tube,...