1936 Rollfast V200 Custom Built

Deluxe model V-200 Rollfast bicycle featuring Troxel Toolbox saddle and Delta Red-Ray tail light and Troxel toolbox saddle.

Entry Submitted by Bill Triplett

2006-01-16 017.JPG
Top of the line for Rollfast, this bike has it all! Lights, tank, toolbox seat, horn, whitewalls. 

2006-01-16 018.JPG
Cross braced handlebars, mirror and E.A. Laboratories bakelite horn button are visible in this photo. 

2006-01-16 019.JPG
Delta “Red Ray” tail light that incorporates a reflector sits proudly on the rear fender, and the seat by Troxel has a hatch at the back that opens up to reveal a tool compartment. 

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