1939 Elgin Ladies model

This is a nice, mostly original bike in an uncommon all-white color with pinstripe accents. Kickstand, handlebars, stem and grips are not original, and the headlight is missing.

The rear fender has a bracket riveted to it that used to have an aluminum tombstone shaped reflector attached. These are often missing, as is the case with this bike. With a few common parts corrected, this will be an excellent example of a 1939 Sears Elgin ladies bicycle.


Elgin-1 Elgin-10 Elgin-8 Elgin-3 Elgin-6 Elgin-7 Elgin-4 Glgin-2-Back-Sprocket Eggin-4



Raised in Redondo Beach Ca. spent a lot of time surfing and riding bicycles on the bike paths through out the South Bay area .

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