1941 Elgin 4 Star Deluxe Twin-Bar Custom

This Twinbar has Colson flat curved fender braces and Roadmaster curved rack braces. I just find them to really look great on the bike. It started out as a Twin 20. Its got a ladies Hawthorne chainwheel with 24 teeth to make it nicer to ride than a full 26 tooth chainwheel. There are no reproduction parts on this bike. The front section of the shroud and dual lights and bar are all original and from another bike. It has handlebars that are around 35 or 36 inches wide. It’s a fantastic looking bike and real nice to ride. I put the front fender brace on originally to support the front part of the fender which is split on one side at the top of the fork. The curved brace at the rear looks so much nicer than the orig, it follows the lines nicely, as do the rack supports. All curves on this bike except the lower front fender stay which looks fine being straight.

Elgin Twinbar Custom 1

Elgin Twinbar Custom 3
Elgin Twinbar Custom 2

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