1947 Rollfast De Luxe Motobike

Here is an almost daily driver with LOTS of fatigued original paint, incorrect parts here and there (Roadmaster rear carrier.., pedals..etc. thanks Carl…but it fits looks nice?). Found a tank (thanks Jerry..”ouch” on price..) that matched perfect/correct for the bike and after replacing the innards of the original fender light, it works!! Rims are obviously bogus (schlockbogus as Leon would say) but light up the road in bright orange glow! Ha!! I’ve run different tires (repops and original b/w’s, w/w’s) and find the repops seem to look best, more functional considering the miles I rack up ( they won’t outlast original U.S. rubber tho!!) A true classic that rides GREAT, and freaks alL the Canucks out here in Winnipeg Canada where I live. Not many ballooners up here. A fun hobby, great people, enjoyed for close to 30 years. Wish I still had what I’ve had to sell, BUT all in all, it’s ok, gone to a good home to be enjoyed by good people. Cheers, Bob


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