1950 Mercury Super Deluxe Fleetline

This bike is also an older restoration ( see my 1941 Elgin Twin Bar, also all hand striped/logo’d) bought from Larry at Memory Lane/mailed to me about 25 years ago unestored. I chose to go with the painted fenders ( correct for 1949 I think?/opposed to the plated ones. Mercury tank logo hand painted as is the C-guard and pinstripes, and M/O on seat stay. Also went with a Delta Super Rocket Ray instead of the correct Delta Roadlighter. Not a “all correct” resto, but eye catching regardless. I have ridden this bike on occasion and has been the proud owner of some of the nicest vintage rubber available, now sits on ( non correct again) all red repops ( money is a problem these days..dang..) A fun bike, and you just don’t see the early Mercury bikes as compared to the later model Murray ones. Enjoy the hobby. Cheers, Bob

Murray Fleetline

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