1974 Schwinn Safety Brochure

This is a neat brochure put out by Schwinn in 1974 to promote bicycle safety. They mention “12 rules of the road”:

  1. Obey all applicable traffic regulations, signs, signals and markings.
  2. Observe all local ordinances pertaining to bicycles.
  3. Keep right: drive with traffic, no against it. Drive single file.
  4. Watch out for drain grates, soft shoulders and other road surface hazards.
  5. Watch out for car doors opening, or for cars pulling into traffic.
  6. Don’t carry passengers or packages that interfere with your vision or control.
  7. Never hitch a ride on a truck or other vehicle.
  8. Be extremely careful at intersections, especially when making a left turn.
  9. Use hand signals to indicate turning or stopping.
  10. Protect yourself at night with the required reflectors and lights.
  11. Drive a safe bike. have it inspected to insure good mechanical condition.
  12. Drive your bike defensively; watch out for the other guy.
There is also a check-list to make sure your bicycle is in safe working condition. 


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