1916 Somme Cycle Works Ladies Bicycle

NOTE: Ordinarily we focus strictly on American made bikes here at Nostalgic.net, but this one submitted by Peter Robb was cool enough to bend the rules!

28″ wheeled ladies Frame distributed by L.Hopkins of Tancred Street, Ashburton, New Zealand. Imported from France we assume in jet black and painted here in solid dark teal and very fine silver pin stripes. Rims, handlebars, black. The bike has later wheels and rear guard now but I have the originals. I do not intend restoring it concours, as it has all its original transfers on it. It came from an old farm in the the Temuka Foothills of South Canterbury, South Island of New Zealand. A dealer was doing a deceased estate lot and traded the bike online. Some time later he acquired the right wheels and guards and contacted me.

Entry Submitted by Peter Robb





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