1939 Huffman Flying Ace or 51-X

Found this at Ann Arbor 2010 it’s as found. I can’t believe I own one of these
bikes! sweet.
Entry Submitted by John Rutz

Editors note: As advised by Leon Dixon of NBHAA, this bike most likely started life as a Firestone Ace, but may have also been another Huffman brand. Westfield fenders have been substituted for the originals. A standard “crows beak” Huffman chain-guard and a post-WW2 Troxel Seat have also been added. This bike may not have been originally equipped with a chain guard or rear rack, depending on what model it was. The truss-rods and the bracket to hold them are also missing… all versions of this bike had them originally. Firestone called their version of this bike the “Ace” while Huffman simply gave theirs a model number designation of 51-X. A quantity of never-used LaFrance badges hit the market recently, and the one on this bike is so shiny that it very well may have been added to it. There is no telling at this point what brand this bike was originally.



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