1949 Roadmaster Luxury Liner

The Roadmaster was designed by famous industrial designer Brook Stevens. Mr. Stevens also designed the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile, round windows in washers & dryers, bullet nosed train, and some of the Studebaker automobiles. Many people are of the opinion that Roadmaster designed the Luxury Liner to compete with the Schwinn Phantom. In fact, the Luxury Liner was released before the Phantom. The Luxury Liner was truly a loaded bicycle and this one here is a fine example. Featuring chrome fenders, horn tank with chrome trim, headlight, rear carrier with tail light, and the “Shockmaster” springer fork. The “Shockmaster” is regarded by many to be the best springer fork of the balloon tire era. (copyright Leon Dixon, National Bicycle History Archive)

1950's Roadmaster Lux Liner 1.jpg

1950's Roadmaster Lux Liner 2.jpg

1950's Roadmaster Lux Liner 3.jpg

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