1882 Standard Columbia High Wheel

This was a frame, badge, fork, and large Wheel i bought on Ebay hoping to piece together with later (really any) Columbia parts I could find when unbelievably another early Standard Highwheel shows up at our local monthly meet in very rough shape having the correct ‘Gothic’ rear wheel, cranks handlebars brake etc…chock it up to dumb luck!—–This earliest configuration Columbia- Similar to the ‘Excelsior Duplex’ model that Pope bought from an English importer around 1876 and had copied by the Weed Sewing Machine Co in Boston around 1887-Singlehandedly creating the American Bicycle Industry-?!———52″ wheel model with the deluxe ball bearing front wheel and plain ‘parrallel’ bearing in rear. Note how fork sides come all the way up to the handlebars- the later ones don’t
Entry Submitted by walter adams







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