1937 Huffman National Streamliner

A long way comming…and still mis a few parts like the stand and the mesh chainguard.
Here is my 1937 National made by Huffman super streamline bicycle, it’s got the misty blue paint with red en cream handmade pin-stripes.
Most parts are nickel plated, just because i like the warm tone of it.
the inner part of the horn is also originele and working, i used cloth-wire for the dual delta headlites, these are also working.
The National is standing on originele CornelL Clippers white walls tires.
the Badge is originele and is one of the first use by National but the story is that it was to Nazi-looking in 1937 ( just before the war…)
It’s got a Rowdy Horn that has still some work.
The tornado spring sadlle is re-done by Bob Uszasi, the master!
It has the correct teardrop pedals and a bigger marbel reflector.
Entry Submitted by Ronald vijsma








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