1947 Schwinn Admiral, BA107 Straightbar

This month’s featured bicycle was beautifully restored by Bob Usasi. This 1947 Schwinn BA107 model differs from the common B6 model in that it has a straightbar frame and tank rather than the more popular cantilever design yet it retains the same fenders and carrier as the B6 model. Early post-war straightbar frames such as seen on this bicycle, are different than later post-war straightbar frames. The bar below the tank is the same diameter as the other bars on the frame, rather than being slightly smaller as was the case with the 50’s version. Bob’s bike wears a very attractive Coach Green and Ivory paint job that was applied by Bob himself. The fork is a truss model with schwinn “cyclock” built in. The seat is a deluxe Messenger B-1, also restored by Bob. Tires are NOS Schwinn Typhoon Cord blackwalls, and the badge (also NOS) is an “Admiral”. This bike is an excellent example of the post-war Schwinn line of bicycles, only a Forewheel brake would improve this beauty! Great job on the restoration Bob!

1947 Schwinn BA107 1.jpg

1947 Schwinn BA107 2.jpg

1947 Schwinn BA107 3.jpg

1947 Schwinn BA107 4.jpg

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