1937 Western Auto (Western Flyer) Catalog

These scans, from the 1937 Western Auto Supply catalog show Shelby built bicycles. The deluxe Streamline “Master” model was later called the Air-Flo by Western Auto Supply and other retailers, however Shelby called this early version (1937-1938) the Airflow (no dash, and spelled with a ‘w’ at the end). Later, Shelby would call the bike the Airflo, without a ‘w’. It features a Delta Horn-Lite and Lobdell Horizontal Spring saddle. Accessories shown on the parts page include Delta lights and horns, the Stewart Warner Clipper speedometer, and many other items.

1937 Western Auto Catalog pg80.jpg

1937 Western Auto Catalog pg81.jpg

1937 Western Auto Catalog pg82.jpg

1937 Western Auto Catalog pg83.jpg

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