1939-1941 Packard (Roadmaster) 4-gill

Original unrestored Roadmaster “4-gill”, nicknamed such due to the row of 4 louvers on each side of the tank. Most Roadmaster models from this era had only 3 louvers. The head tube on these bikes was taller than other mens models, matching the head tube size of ladies models.

1940 Roadmaster 4gill 1.jpg
Roadmaster with the 4-gill tank and a Packard name badge 

1940 Roadmaster 4gill 2.jpg
The faceted plastic tail light lens is visible in this photo. Some versions of this light had a blue-dot lens installed. 

1940 Roadmaster 4gill 3.jpg
The badge on this bicycle reads “Packard” but there was no actual relationship to the Packard automobile company. 

1940 Roadmaster 4-gill GA.jpg
Another 4-gill, this one with a Champion name tag. 

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