1915 Sears Chief Motorbike

This 1915 Chief, made by the Davis Sewing Machine company and sold by Sears is one of the nicest original in the country. This bike is about as original as they get. The pedal treads, the seat, and saddle bag, all have the word “Chief” embossed into them. This is a truely rare bike, both in number and in condition. It features a 3 speed Sturmey Archer coaster hub which was a very big deal in 1915. The badge on this bike is also “enameled” with fired porcelain.

1915 Sears Chief1.jpg
Top of the line in the Sears catalog, it features everything a boy could want in a bicycle at that time. 

1915 Sears Chief2.jpg
The conditon of this bike is truely remarkable. Only the spokes, tires and shift cable have been replaced since 1915. 

1915 Sears Chief3.jpg
Head badge is cast bronze with cloisonné colored glass. 

1915 Sears Chief4.jpg
Leather saddle has the CHIEF logo embossed in the sides. 

1915 Sears Chief5.jpg
Leather tool bag with the CHIEF logo embossed in the corners of the flap. 

1915 Sears Chief6.jpg
Sturmey Archer internal 3 speed hub with coaster brake. 

1915 Sears Chief11.jpg
Shifter for the Sturmey Archer 3 speed. 

1915 Sears Chief8.jpg
The drop stand on the Chief has tabs on it that allow it to be locked in the down position with a standard combination or pad lock. 

1915 Sears Chief9.jpg
Unique sprocket design is exclusive to the Search Chief. 

1915 Sears Chief10.jpg
Pedals have rubber blocks with the Chief logo embossed into all sides. 

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