1930’s Ranger Motorbike

This nice original Ranger Motorbike was photographed at the Spring 2001 Memory Lane Classics swap meet. It features the original paint and decals, Delta Gangway horn with handlebar mount button, Troxel leather seat, tubular carrier, Persons tool pouch and frame mounted tire pump. The original red tires are gone but suitable reproduction are in place and look excellent on the bike. Overall it is an excellent example of an early balloon tire bicycle that has not been restored.

1930's Ranger Motorbike 1.jpg

1930's Ranger Motorbike 2.jpg
Bakelite horn button with cloth covered wire. 

1930's Ranger Motorbike 3.jpg
Delta Gangway horn. 

1930's Ranger Motorbike 4.jpg
Nice original Troxel saddle and Persons tool pouch. 

1930's Ranger Motorbike 5.jpg
Wow, look at that original paint! 



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