1950’s Huffy Radiobike

The bike of the month for January 2005 is this very nice original Huffy Radiobike (one word, not “Radio Bike”) owned by Alan Schmit. The mid 1950’s saw the introduction of candy apple paint jobs on bicycles along with middleweight tires. The unique Radio bike featured a battery operated AM radio built right into the tank! In the 50’s, radios were still made with vacuum tubes and consumed a lot of power, thus the need for the large external battery box mounted on the rear rack. Alans bike is probably one of the nicest originals around, with the factory paint that still shines like the day it was new. Notice the unique pointed headlight lens, an item that is often broken off. The headlight and horn that are mounted on the handlebars are an accessory and are not factory equipment but still look great on the bike.

Huffy Radio Bike AS 1.jpg

Huffy Radio Bike AS 2.jpg

Huffy Radio Bike AS 3.jpg

Huffy Radio Bike AS 4.jpg

Huffy Radio Bike AS 5.jpg

Huffy Radio Bike AS 8.jpg

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