1912 Pierce Diamond Frame model 132

This outstanding original 1912 Pierce bicycle was the most deluxe chain driven model sold by Pierce. Front fork consists of double leaf springs. Rear spring cushion was available in several different weight configurations suited to the rider upon purchase. Early Pierce bicycles were made in Buffalo New York and were a part of the Pierce Arrow Motorcar Company.

1912 Pierce model 132 1.jpg

1912 Pierce model 132 2.jpg
Pierce bicycle badge shows arrow through the P. Many people confuse this to mean “Pierce Arrow” but the brand name did not include the name “Arrow”.

1912 Pierce model 132 3.jpg

1912 Pierce model 132 4.jpg
The patented leaf spring front fork where the leafs were the fork legs themselves.

1912 Pierce model 132 5.jpg
Near the head tube we see this original decal that designates this to be model 132.

1912 Pierce model 132 6.jpg
Rear “shock absorber” actually had no shock absorbing capabilites. It was just a spring inside metal covers.

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