1954-1955 Roadmaster Flying Falcon

Rare Roadmaster Flying-Falcon 3 Speed. This bike was Roadmasters answer to the Schwinn Jaguar. Sturmey Archer 3-speed hub on a balloon tire bike, somethign that only happened for a few short years in the 1950s among bicycle manufacturers. Candy red paint, chrome fenders, this bike was every boys dream! This bike is all original except for the pedals.. I think I have the originals somehwere, and will include them if they turn up. Tires are US Royals, but need to be replaced if you are going to ride the bike. Overall, the bike shows some age on the chrome rims, and slight paint fading, but overall it is in excellent condition for its age. This is a very hard model to find, let alone in this kind of shape!

1954 Roadmaster Flying Falcon FS 1.jpg

1954 Roadmaster Flying Falcon FS 2.jpg

1954 Roadmaster Flying Falcon FS 3.jpg

1954 Roadmaster Flying Falcon FS 4.jpg

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