1937 Dayton Super Streamline

This fantastic original 1937 Dayton Super Streamline bicycle belongs to Jerry Berg. Check out those awesome colors and pinstripes! Rare aluminum peaked fenders, mesh chain guard, small Persons “tombstone” reflector, Persons tornado-spring saddle, Torrington streamline pedals, and of course the very cool Stewart Warner Clipper speedometer in the original “ashtray” housing all adorn this rare art-deco bicycle.

Jerry Bergs 1937 Dayton Super Streamline. Features rare aluminum fenders and chromed tank. The unique “mesh” chainguard was an exclusive of Huffman built bikes.

The long streamline frame of these bicycles is very unique. The sweeping rear stays make this bike a favorite among collectors.


Cast aluminum “Ash-Tray” art deco styled housing for the Stewart Warner Clipper bicycle speedometer


Rare original chrome “mesh” chainguard, as it is called in the vintage bicycle hobby. This is an exclusive to the Huffman built bikes of the late 1930’s.

Persons “Tombstone” reflector. Rare smaller size used on many Huffman built bikes of the 1930’s.

The Mesinger Streamline “Tornado Spring” saddle.

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