1930’s-40’s Roadmaster Cycle Truck

Here’s an old Roadmaster Cycle Truck I rescude from sure doom Two days ago.The searial number under the crank is D24645 , It’s got Eclipse Machine division hubs front and rear. Stamped on the front hub is 36 11 . Stamped on the rear hb is M4 36 10 Which leads me to think its a 1936 model bicycle. (editors note: M4 indicates 4th quarter 1943) When I found it it had worn out U.S.Royal tires with the centipede grip on it. The goose neck was broken so the one on it is not correct , neither is the head light and one pedal. It’s got the skip tooth chain with adjuster screws in the back of the frame.It rides nice. Any information on this bike will be appreciated . Thanks , Morris

Entry Submitted by Morris Jorgensen


roadmaster brake.JPG

roadmaster cranck.JPG

roadmaster hub.JPG

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