1940 Western Flyer 4-Gill

Marc Pfisterer’s 1940 Cleveland Welding built Western Flyer Deluxe is an outstanding example of early 1940’s bicycle styling. Western Flyer bicycles were the brand name of Western Auto stores. The tank on this bike, referred to in the collecting hobby as the “4-gill tank” is a very rare piece that was designed to fit these frames with the taller head tube. The head tube is the same height as the ladies models in those years, and is fitted with a spring fork. The dual Persons-Majestic torpedo headlights are also quite rare, as are the teardrop pedals, also made by Persons-Majestic. Notice how the chrome chain-guard wraps around the rear sprocket to give the bike a cleaner look. The paint on this bike is all original and looks to be holding up quite well for it’s age. Outstanding bike Marc!

Entry Submitted by Marc Pfisterer






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