1920 Schwinn Built, Henderson

In 1917 Henderson sold out both it’s Bicycle Division as well as it’s Motorcycle Division to Ignaz Schwinn. Schwinn was being asked constantly to come up with new and private labels for companies like Goodrich, Dayton Department Stores and other national chains. He figured it would be a great marriage to bring the Henderson into his line of bikes. His real desire in acquiring Henderson as well as Excelsior was to get into the Motorcycle business which he soon became number three behind Indian. Number one being Harley Davidson. The bike was a rare find and basically acquired from the son of the original owner. The year of the bike was originally mistaken, as a replacement Crank with AS 36 was mistaken for a 1936. Since these photo’s were taken, the original 1920 Gothic straight crank was found in the process of restoring. This is the original “found” condition prior to extensive remodeling that should be completed in the spring of 2009

Entry Submitted by Bill Alexander






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