1960’s Murray Missile

Its a murray Missile, in excellent condition, has the headlight tank. Is original except the tires and the tank and chainguard have been repainted. Was originally a metallic gold with white trim, red trim on fenders. Fenders were painted to match the body. Single speed, coaster. Axle says f&s j then korne 1 super then 161 36. Numbers on left rear frame corner where wheel bolts are m06 20×56 316102. I would like any help in identifying year and rarity. I am going to restore, But dont want to wreck a nice piece of history in the process. The original seat, and pedals have been removed and stored due to their excellent condition, as I ride this bike almost daily. It also has a four leaf clover bell on it that looks original and works beautifully. Thanks, Ed.

Entry Submitted by Edward Girardin




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