Category: Antique Bicycles

1924 Mead Ranger

Original paint bike with the wheel set replaced with alloy rims and 700x40c tires for riding.Anniversary Schwinn hub in the rear and ND up front makes for a great rider. Entry Submitted by Bill...

1922 Mead Ranger

Schwinn built motorbike. Unique to Mead Hercules carrier and Brampton 1/2″ pitch chain use on all Rangers. Entry Submitted by Bill Triplett

1920’s Mead Ranger Motorbike

1920’s Schwinn built Mead Ranger. All original except pedals and tires. Tires areĀ period correct. Check out the grips and wooden rims. NiceĀ original Ranger Brown paint. Notice the unique placement of the Delta battery can...

1930’s Packard Ladies model

Here is a 30’s colson with a packard badge all original Entry Submitted by Patrick Lewis Original Colson ladies bike with the Colson exclusive “eyebrow” chain guard. Notice the unique chevron paint scheme on...

1920’s Indian Motobike

“Electrically Equipped” Tank designed to hold large 1 1/2 volt dry cell battery, Front and Rear Lights, Wood Wheels. Entry Submitted by Brian Kunzog Unique to the Indian bicycles is the 11 spoke sprocket.

1918 Harley Davidson Motorcyke

1918 Harley Davidson Motorcyke

Restored, wood wheels, olive green paint, nickle plating. Entry Submitted by Brian Kunzog Signature olive green paint was used on all Harley Davidson bicycle models. Notice the H.D. letters integrated into the sprocket design.