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Walt’s Vintage Bicycles

1934 Schwinn Aerocycle, 1935 Elgin Bluebird, 1937 Roadmaster Supreme, 1939 Shelby Airflo, 1940 Huffman Champion, 1941 Mercury “lit tank”. Entry Submitted by walter adams

Morrie Turner’s Bike Room

Morrie Turner’s Bike Room

Morrie Turners bike room. Look at all those headlights and cool bikes! Entry Submitted by MORRIE TURNER No, that isn’t Morrie standing there.

Feb 2007 Shop Tour Dave’s Vintage Bicycles

Welcome to Dave’s Vintage Bicycles, located in Davenport Washington near Spokane. These are the facilities were vintage and antique American Made bicycles are painted and restored. Looking South-East. Blast cabinet is visible along with...