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Montgomery Ward sold many bicycles throughout their years in business. Just like Sears, Gambles, etc., they never manufactured the bicycles they sold. Montgomery Ward used several companies to make them to their own design and specs. Some manufactures commonly used were Cleveland Welding Co., H.P. Snyder, Monark Silver King, and others.

1950’s Hawthorne

A semi-deluxe bike, sold by Montgomery Ward, and made by the Cleveland Welding Company. Cool wing design on the tank really sets this bike off. The seat on the back is an accessory added...

1935 Hawthorne Duralium

First year 1935 for Silver King produced aluminum bicycles, in this instance badged Hawthorne for Montgomery Wards. This was a base model without a rack or electrification in 24 x 2.125″ balloon tires (on...

1925 Hawthorne Flyer

This is one of my other restorations 1925 Hawthorne. Sand blasted, body & paint done by me. Seat done by Bob Usasi. Wheels laced by Summit Bicycl, Burlingame, Ca.

1960’s Hawthorne Tandem bicycle

This late 60’s Hawthorne tandem isn’t in the best of shape, with its duct-tape covered seats and surface-rusted chrome parts, but it’s still worthy of taking a look at,and being included in this archive....