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1931 Iver Johnson Truss Bridge Roadster

Take a look at this original un-restored Iver Johnson bicycle, featuring their famous “Truss Bridge” frame design. With serial number 505740, this bike is estimated to be a deluxe 1931 model based on information...

1937 Iver Johnson Board Track Racer

This is an amazing original 1937 Iver Johnson racing bicycle. Check out the vibrant paint, and the nickel plated head and fork! Racing bars are turned upside-down, and skinny wood rims complete the race-look.

1920’s Iver Johnson Camelback

1920’s Iver Johnson Camelback

This Iver Johnson has a “camelback” frame without the middle tube. This was a lesser model available at less cost. Most bicycle manufacturers as this time offered a similar model. These typically were not...