1941 Hawthorne American

This Hawthorne American has it’s original patriotic blue and red paint scheme with white pinstripes. It still has the original thick padded Troxel saddle and Torrington Signal pedals. Tires are Wards Riverside Air Cushion whitewalls. The silver decal on the downtube says “Polymerin Finish” which was a quality paint job that Montgomery Wards hyped in their catalogs. This particular bicycle was made by H.P. Snyder, although many of these Hawthorne American’s were built by the Cleveland Welding Co. In spite of the manufacturer being H.P. Snyder, it still is equipped with a Cleveland Welding “Shockmaster” spring fork. Strange!  Read more about the “American” model.

1941 Hawthorne American blue1.JPG

1941 Hawthorne American blue2.JPG

1941 Hawthorne American blue3.JPG

1941 Hawthorne American blue4.JPG

1941 Hawthorne American blue6.JPG

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