1937 Firestone (Huffman) Super Streamline

This bicycle, made by the Huffman Mfg, Co., is the version that was sold through Firestone dealers and was called the “Fleetwood Supreme”. It has been re-badged as a Dayton, and beautifully restored in red and black. The original paint scheme that this bike would have come with when it was sold new as a Firestone, was not as flamboyant as the Dayton version, so many of these Firestones (the most common version) have been re-badged as Daytons. To see an example of a Firestone in it’s original paint scheme, click here. How do we know it was a Firestone originally? The rear frame tubing that reaches to the back of the fender were straight on the Firestone, but curved on the Dayton, and they also had a different chain guard. Original Dayton frames and chain-guards are much more scarce than the Firestone versions. Click here to see a real Dayton “Super Streamline”, with it’s correct frame and chain guard.

Entry Submitted by John Simpson





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