1910’s Racycle

Racycle was known for their trademark large front sprocket. On their racing bikes, the large front sprocket allowed for high speeds, but in production models this would have made the bike too difficult to pedal up hills. To compensate they put a larger sprocket on the coaster brake too. This allowed them to retain the cool looks of the huge front sprocket, but still allow the bike to have the same gear ratio as a standard bike.

Entry Submitted by Dave Stromberger

dave stromberger/35614-s_miami_racycle_orig_6.jpg

dave stromberger/35614-s_miami_racycle_orig_7.jpg

dave stromberger/35614-s_miami_racycle_orig_8.jpg

dave stromberger/35614-s_miami_racycle_orig_9.jpg

dave stromberger/35614-s_miami_racycle_orig_10.jpg

dave stromberger/35614-s_miami_racycle_orig_11.jpg

dave stromberger/35614-s_miami_racycle_orig_12.jpg

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