1942 Hawthorne Victory Men’s and Ladies Pair

This original un-restored pair of 1942 Hawthorne “Victory” bicycles is a prime example of the war-time efforts of bicycle retails such as Montgomery Wards to make their product still interesting to look at. Since the use of chrome, steel and rubber was limited at that time, they opted to paint many of the parts that would ordinarily have been chromed. These parts received attractive pinstriping details. Accessories such as the “blue dot” tail light were added just under the seat instead of a complete carrier/rack which used up too much steel. Whitewall tires were scarce during the war, so bicycles were equiped with blackwalls. This pair of mens and ladies bicycles are true survivors, still in original unrestored condition.

1942 Hawthorne Victory Pair 1.jpg

1942 Hawthorne Victory Pair 2.jpg

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