1936 Dayton Safety Streamline

Made in 1936 by Huffman Mfg., this is the predecessor to the very popular “Super Streamline” or as it was known under the Firestone label “Fleetwood Supreme”. The Safety Streamline name was dropped after 1936, and the frame was changed to accept a horn tank which was almost a required feature of a deluxe bicycle at that time. This Safety Streamline is painted in the factory “Seafoam Green” color, which they called “opalescent”, or as it is known today… metallic. For accuracy sake, it must be pointed out that this restoration features incorrect handlebars, seat, pedals, and is missing the headlight lens, chainguard, and tail light lens. The chainguard this bike originally had was very unique. It stretched all the way to the rear part of the frame and featured tear drop shaped cutouts along its length.

1936 Dayton Safety Streamliner 1.jpg

1936 Dayton Safety Streamliner 2.jpg

1936 Dayton Safety Streamliner 3.jpg
notice built in tail light (missing lens)

1936 Dayton Safety Streamliner 4.jpg
Delta Hornlite with special head tube and fender mounting

1936 Dayton Safety Streamliner 6.jpg
Very unusual badge, is CAST metal, and placed on rear fender behind seat tube

1936 Dayton Safety Streamliner 5.jpg
Battery box down by the crank case

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