1936 Elgin Skylark

“The most amazing style scoop of the century!” said the Spring and Summer 1936 Sears catalog. Indeed this is one of the most highly styled ladies bicycles ever built. It in many ways can be considered the ladies version of the Elgin Bluebird. It features fenders and headlight borrowed from the Robin, speedometer built into the gooseneck, carrier from the Bluebird, streamlines pedals just like those found on the Bluebird and Robin, and special leaf-spring saddle, also similar to that found on the Bluebird. The frame on the beauty features three bars coming from the head tube, and sweeping skirt guards. The Skylark was only available in Maroon with white trim according to the catalog, but Leon Dixon of NBHAA says he has seen one in French Blue. Leon also tells us that the Maroon color used in 1937 and 1938 is different from that in 1936.

1930's Elgin Skylark 1a.jpg

1930's Elgin Skylark 2a.jpg

1930's Elgin Skylark 3a.jpg

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