1937 Monark Flo-Cycle

All original except for the rear reflector housing and lens. Note the hex shaped handlebar and fork strut tubing. The unique leaf spring behind the bottom bracket allows the rear seat stays of the bike to flex, givng the bike a soft ride. The rear stays of the frame also have spring steal rod inside the aluminum tubing.

Entry Submitted by steve mc cann

Picture 012.jpg
Beautiful Monark Flocycle, made mostly from polished aluminum.

Picture 029.jpg
Steel spring attaches the rear chain stays to the bottom bracket.

Picture 024.jpg
The gooseneck is cast aluminum and doubles as a mount for the Stewart Warner “Clipper” Speedometer.

Picture 038.jpg
Unique “butterfly” stand, a Monark exclusive.

Picture 021.jpg
The Flocycle bicycles all had 24″ wheels.

Picture 008.jpg
Stainless steel rear fender holds a cast aluminum streamline reflector housing.

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