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1935 Hawthorne Duralium

First year 1935 for Silver King produced aluminum bicycles, in this instance badged Hawthorne for Montgomery Wards. This was a base model without a rack or electrification in 24 x 2.125″ balloon tires (on...

1941 Monark Deluxe

1941 Monark Deluxe with butterfly stand, springer front fork, nice train light, Davis Deluxe white wall tires and New Departure 2 speed setup. Nice original paint complete bicycle. Just gotta love 2 tone blue paint schemes.

1935 Monark Silver King

This early Monark Silver King is different from the later ones by a few notable features. Most obvious is the use of stainless-steel “rain gutter” fenders, typical of bicycles built before the mid 1930’s....