1952 Hawthorne Deluxe

This bicycle was “the finest in the Hawthorne line” in 1952 and was the first year that featured the turn signal switch on the cross bar. In previous years it was mounted on the handlebars. The carrier housed the “stop-tail-directional light”. Other special features include the Delta “motorcycle type” headlight which has a green lense visor with chrome trim, a “floating ride” coil spring fork, Riverside Deluxe whitewall tires, chrome plated Lobdell steel rims, and deluxe Troxel saddle. Colors of this bike are air cruiser red and metallic gray and were the only colors it was offered in for this year.

1947 Hawthorne Deluxe 4.jpg

1947 Hawthorne Deluxe 1.jpg

1947 Hawthorne Deluxe 2.jpg

1947 Hawthorne Deluxe 3.jpg

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