Category: Lightweight Bicycles

1952 Schwinn World Varsity

Excellent original, un-restored World Varsity mens lightweight bicycle. Equipped with Sturmey Archer 3-speed hub. Still equipped with it’s original mattress type saddle and original Schwinn script brake levers. Very often when these bikes find...

1978 Schwinn Paramount P13

I bought this Paramount in December 2011 from the original owner. I ordered a providence report from Schwinn Waterford that indicated this 1978 Paramount P13 was original order as a frameset by Jerry’s Schwinn...

1953 Wooden Bicycle

Please help me to identify this rare bike. The man I bought said that is an ufi 1953 , but in internet nothing matches with this words. The bike has grips, chain cover, frame...

1969 Coast King

Matched set of girls and boys 3-speed Coast King “De Luxe” purchased new from Coast to Coast store in 1970.Entry Submitted by roger potts

1957 Western Flyer Lightweight

This is a 1957 Norman manufactured Western Flyer. It’s been refurbished for reliability and includes a Sachs Torpedo Dreigang three speed, with a coaster brake, and new tires. I tried to keep with the...

1962 Rutledge

Not sure,but heard this bike was marketed by Stelber bicycle co. of Brooklyn New York.Entry Submitted by gary dickson

1964 Schwinn Racer

This is my bike, it has 3 speed Sturmey Archer, with full Schwinn parts. Its my winter project for this winter.Entry Submitted by adam christenson