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1939 Schwinn Autocycle

Rare Super Deluxe ‘Aluma-Cycle’ with gothic Aluminum fenders, 4 Seiss Lights, Front and rear ‘Fore Wheel’ Drum brakes (39 Only silent freewheel rear)- Deeply Embossed Rare LANZ Bike Shop headbadge—Completed with Alot of help...

1938 Schwinn Autocycle

This is a fine original paint example of the very rare and desirable, first year, 1938 Schwinn Cantilever Autocycle. All parts are original except for the repop Goodrich tires. Entry Submitted by Evan Penny

1938 Excelsior Autocycle

Ground up restoration using leaded Schwinn paint. All original parts. Chrome work done by Bob at Verne’s Chrome. Thanks to all who helped me in this project…Aaron Thomas, Bob Ujzsaszi, Tim Brandt, Diana Foley,...