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1919 Sears Chief

1919 Sears “Chief” 28in.has New Departure coaster brake.I got this on a farm in Minnesota that had indian burial mounds on it.in other words I found this bike on “Sacred Grounds” Entry Submitted by...

1942 Elgin base model

War time bike from Sears.Original paint including handle bars,stencil headbadge and reflective striped fenders. Murray Ohio built basic rider with only a trip meter option. Entry Submitted by Bill Triplett

1940 Elgin

Late 1940 standard model Entry Submitted by Bill Triplett Streamline horn tank on this bicycle extends past the seat tube and is adorned with a scalloped paint design. E.A. Laboratories torpedo headlight is mounted...

1933 Elgin Blackhawk

1933 Elgin Blackhawk

The Elgin Blackhawk was styled after motorcycles of the day. The “tank” had a door on the right side that opened up to allow access to the battery and room to store tools, marbles,...